Alain Girard (born 1954) was a French professional boxer who competed during the 1970s until an unknown time. He competed in the Heavyweight Division and was nicknamed "The Axeman". He is a playable character in Rocky: Legends.

Professional Career Edit

Alain Girard (born 1954) was born and raised in Montpellier, France. He fought in the Heavyweight Division for several years but was unable to capture the Heavyweight Championship. Girard's professional boxing record is unknown. He is presumed to be retired.

During his prime, Girard was described as having great staying power and always having a bounce in his step. Furthermore, he was viewed as a well-rounded fighter with good all-around skill. He could stick and move all day.[1]

Trivia Edit

  • It is rumoured that Girard received his nickname "The Axeman" due to his job as a lumberjack in the French wilderness.

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