Bianca (Tessa Thompson) looking out the window.
Character information
Gender Female
Birthplace: Philadelphia, PA

Job/Career Singer
Related to Adonis "Donnie" Creed (fiance)

Amara Creed (daughter)

Portrayed by: Tessa Thompson

Bianca is the neighbour and later girlfriend of Adonis "Donnie" Creed. She and Donnie first met up after she was blasting music loudly down stairs while Donnie was trying to sleep. Donnie knocks on her door to tell her to low the music down so he can get up early to train.

She is an up and coming singer. She suffers from progressive hearing loss and uses a hearing aid. She might go completely deaf at one point, and is learning sign language just in case.

After Adonis had a fight at one of Bianca's music concerts, the couple broke up. They got back together when his trainer, and former heavyweight champion, Rocky Balboa had cancer. She attended Donnie's fights with Leo Sporino and Ricky Conlan. She is portrayed by Tessa Thompson.