Big Chuck Smith (born 1941) is an Irish former professional boxer who competed during the 1970s until an unknown time. He competed in the Heavyweight Division. He is a playable character in Rocky (video game) and Rocky: Legends.

In 1976 (Rocky), Chuck is a lower ranked fighter but is considered as an opponent for Heavyweight Champion, Apollo Creed due to Creed's scheduled opponent Mac Lee Green pulling out of the fight with a hand injury. Creed decided to pick an unknown/lower ranked fighter and give them an opportunity. Creed suggests Big Chuck Smith, only for Creed's trainer Tony "Duke" Evers to shoot the idea down, stating that Chuck is "too old and dull".

Professional Career

Big Chuck Smith (born 1951) was born and raised in Galway, Ireland. He fought in the Heavyweight Division for many years. Chuck was unable to capture the Heavyweight Championship in his career but came close to receiving a title shot in 1976 when Mac Lee Green pulled out of his scheduled title fight against Heavyweight Champion Apollo Creed due to a hand injury. Creed considered Big Chuck Smith, but the idea was quickly shot down by Creed's trainer Tony "Duke" Evers, Duke stated that Chuck was ''too old and dull".

During his prime, Big Chuck was described as a formidable fighter and relatively quick for his size. He had explosive power in both fists and could mix it up when the going got tough. Chuck was tough with a rock-hard chin and great endurance, he could dish out punishment for 15 rounds without breaking a sweat, but despite his strength and will, Although Chuck was considered dull by others .[1]



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