Big Yank Ball (born 1949) is an American former professional boxer who competed in the 1980s until an unknown time. Yank competed in the Heavyweight Division and was nicknamed "The Sergeant" due to his past service with the U.S. Army, where he served as a Sergeant. He was a playable character in Rocky (video game) & Rocky Legends.

In 1982 (Rocky III), Yank was once ranked as the number one heavyweight in the world, receiving a shot at the Heavyweight Champion, Rocky Balboa. Yank put up a decent fight as Balboa can be seen to have some bruising on his upper right eye, but in the end, Balboa knocked Yank out.

Professional Career

Big Yank Ball (born 1949) was born and raised in Bangor, Maine. He served in the U.S. Army as a Sergeant. Once dismissed from service, Yank began pursuing a career in boxing. He joined the Heavyweight Division but was unable to capture the Heavyweight Championship during his career. Yank once challenged Rocky Balboa for the title and put up a decent fight, bruising Balboa's upper right eye, but was eventually KO'd by Balboa.

During his prime, Yank was described as a goliath of a boxer and as tough as they come. Yank's punching strength and "dirty tactics" were unrivalled. He was viewed as being so strong that he could probably knock out most of his opponents with just one haymaker punch, but despite his power, Yank was known for lacking speed.[1]



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