Billy "The Iceman" Snow (born November 7, 1955) was a British boxer that once fought Rocky Balboa. Apollo Creed suggested to fight him at first, but he chose Rocky instead because of his nickname: The Italian Stallion.


He was from London, England and was the European heavyweight champion. Portrayed as having a heart of a lion and the strength of an ox, Snow was similar to Rocky Balboa at the start of his career. In his earliest fights, Billy's temper got the best of him, making him quite prone to fouls. Billy appears in the 1988 Rocky video arcade game, the 2002 Rocky video game and the 2004 Rocky: Legends video game.

After Rocky III

After losing his rank and winning streak to Rocky Balboa in 1980, Billy decided it was best to retire. In 1986, when Rocky vacated the title, Snow saw this as a chance to return to boxing and finally win the title he greatly desired. Snow challenged Union Cane to the now vacant title, only to lose a close decision. Afterwards, Snow retired aged forty three.