Burt Judge (born 1952) is an American former professional boxer who competed during the 1980s until an unknown time. He competed in the Heavyweight Division and was nicknamed "The Big Cat". He is a playable character in Rocky (video game) & Rocky Legends.

Sometime between 1986 and 1990 (Rocky V), Burt fought rising star Tommy Gunn and fell victim to Gunn's brutal left hook.[1]

Professional CareerEdit

Burt Judge (born 1952) was born and raised in San Diego, California. He fought in the Heavyweight Division for several years. Burt was never able to capture the Heavyweight Championship, but he did face top stars like Tommy Gunn. Burt fought Gunn around 1988 but was brutally KO'd, courtesy of Gunn's left hook. 

During his prime, Burt was described as a big boxer who struck fear in all his opponents. This hulk of a man had been taught by the best and used his size and power to crush any boxer who stood in his way. Burt didn't have the best endurance, but even when he was looking worn out, opponents need to be wary for a stray haymaker, because he could still floor anyone.[2]

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