Delphi Boxing Academy is a boxing gym that operates in Los Angeles, California. Delphi was founded by Tony "Duke" Evers when he retired from boxing in 1968. Duke trained the legendary Apollo Creed at the gym for many years. Eventually, Duke stepped away from the gym and handed it to his son Tony "Little Duke" Evers.


Delphi Boxing Academy is the home to a man that is in the discussion for greatest of all time, Apollo Creed. Creed was trained at Delphi for his entire career from the late 60s until his death in 1985. Creed was trained by founder and owner Tony "Duke" Evers. Creed held the Heavyweight Championship for many years while apart of Delphi. The Heavyweight Championship would return to Delphi when Danny "Stuntman" Wheeler claimed the title under the guidance of Duke's son, Tony "Little Duke" Evers. Wheeler would lose the championship to a man that eventually joined the Delphi gym, son of Apollo Creed, Adonis Johnson Creed. Adonis currently resides at Delphi with the WBC Heavyweight title.

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