"Y'know Big Dipper, who's got the stuff it takes to be a champ — He's mean, quick, an' big — What more d'ya need?"
Mickey Goldmill[src]

"Big" Dipper Brown was an African-American boxer who trained in Mighty Mick's Gym alongside Rocky Balboa. He was given Rocky's locker when Rocky was briefly kicked out from the gym, as Mickey Goldmill considered Dipper to be a better training prospect at the time due to his considerably younger age.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • In the first Rocky film, the role of the boxer "Dipper" was played by actor Stan Shaw, who later went on to star in the 1979 ABC-TV miniseries "Roots:The Next Generation".
  • A scene was cut from the theatrical release in which Dipper challenges Rocky to a fight when Apollo Creed and a film crew visits Mighty Mick's Gym for a publicity event, envious over all the attention Rocky is suddenly receiving. Dipper loses the fight. The original footage was lost in a studio fire and only stills from this scene have been preserved.[1] The scene was still adapted for the novelization.
  • Dipper also appears in the Rocky III novelization, which acknowledges the deleted press conference scene from the first movie. It is revealed that he no longer resents Rocky and is contrite for dismissing him as a has-been, having come to respect Rocky for the herculean feat of taking the championship from Apollo Creed.



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