Herbert the Dinosaur
Herbert the Dinosaur
Character information
Gender Male
Stage first appeared 6
Main Attack T-Rex Teeth
Hair color T-Rex
Eye color Yellow
Tommy Gunn main You don't own me!

This page is non-canon and should not be taken seriously. It is not official.

Herbert the Dinosaur is a Tyrannosaurus Rex on Ivan Drago: Justice Enforcer. He uses his teeth to try to kill Ivan Drago. It is unknown how the Soviet Union came by the dinosaur. After beating the game as Apollo Creed you can play as Herbert. The T-Rex only has a bite attack, but it can kill anything in three chomps including Rocky Balboa. Herbert could be considered a super character that capable of virtually anything in the game, but there is a minor drop-back to playing as Herbert: the dinosaur can not be knocked down. This means that when fighting Segway Man and Mafioso Alfredo that the opponent can land many hits on you without you being able to recover for a short period of time.


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