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Ivan Drago: Justice Enforcer
Ivan Drago Justice Enforcer.png
Media Information
Media Type: Internet video action game
Creator/Developer information
Publisher(s): Mockery
Connected media: patterned after Rocky IV film

Ivan Drago: Justice Enforcer is an online game created by I-Mockery in which the player plays as Ivan Drago and fights crime throughout the streets of the United States. He begins at the Soviet Embassy and ends inside Mickey's gym. Drago there fights a cyborg of Apollo Creed and then Rocky Balboa, as in Rocky IV.

After playing through the game as Drago, the player can unlock Apollo Creed and Herbert the Dinosaur as playable characters. Rocky Balboa's greased lightning game can also be unlocked.

List of Characters

Ivan Drago fights Sporto McJockitch.


Arrow keys—move Ivan around

A—punch (hold to charge)



A,S,D at the same time—Super punch

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