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Jodi Letizia (born October 8, 1963 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) appeared in the role of Marie, a rebellious teen in the South Philly neighbourhood where Rocky Balboa lived who was a little sister of an acquaintance that he knew in the first movie Rocky and also in Rocky V. A funny and gifted actress and comedienne, [1] at age 13, Jodi was introduced to film as the young, foul mouthed Marie in Rocky in 1976.[2] Reprising her role as Marie as an adult in Rocky V (1990), Jodi's main scene was dropped from final edit.[3][4] As an adult actress, Jodi has shared an Off-Off-Broadway award for Dressing Room Divas II and continues to do stage performances, showcasing her comedic timing and voice.[5]


  • Rocky (1976) as Marie
  • Rocky V (1990) as Marie (deleted scene)

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