Jose Mendoza (born 1947) was a Spanish professional boxer who competed during the 1970s until an unknown time. He competed in the Heavyweight Division and was nicknamed "Pretty Boy" because of his baby-faced appearance. He is a playable character in Rocky Legends.

Professional Career

Jose Mendoza (born 1947) was born and raised in Barcelona, Spain. He competed in the Heavyweight Division for several years but was never able to capture the Heavyweight Championship. It is unknown what Mendoza's professional boxing record was.

During his prime, Mendoza was described as a boxer with savage ferocity. He had a very strong chin and was known for his huge heart. He liked working his jab and throwing sharp combos.[1]


  • Both in name and appearance, he resembles the main villian and world champion from the famous boxing manga and anime Ashita no Joe(Rocky Joe in Italy), José Mendoza(although it is to note that this Jose Mendoza is a Spaniard, While Joe's José Mendoza is Mexican, and that this Mendoza is a Heavyweight and Joe's Mendoza is a Bantamweight). It is unknown however if the creators of the game did this on purpose, or if this was a just a huge coincidence.


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