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Marie was a younger sister of an acquaintance that Rocky Balboa knew in the first movie Rocky and also in Rocky V. The part of Marie was played by Jodi Letizia. In the 2006 film Rocky Balboa, Marie is revived as a divorced single mother to a teen son. This time around she is played by Geraldine Hughes

About Marie


Then a rebellious teen at the time, Marie was standing near the atomic hoagie shop in South Philadelphia, when Rocky ran into her; he walked her home telling her not to smoke, and giving her other tips to stop her going down the wrong path in life. Once Rocky got finished walking to her family's house, she lashed out at him saying; "Screw you, creepo!". In 2006's Rocky Balboa film, the character of Marie is revived as a divorced mother to a teenage son, named Steps (played byJames Francis Kelly III) both of whom Rocky helps by giving them jobs working in his restaurant.   

Behind the Scenes

In a scene from an earlier draft of Rocky V, Marie was present with a group of druggies standing around a fire in the street when she was encountered by Rocky and Paulie. Upon seeing her, Rocky remembers her and they both reminisce on the conversation that took place in the first Rocky. She is noted to be in poor condition and is purportedly married to one of the druggies standing by. This encounter causes Rocky to worry about how growing up in this environment will influence his own son.

Considering this scene was cut from both the theatrical release and the director's cut, this should not be considered canonical.----

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