Nicolai Koloff was a Soviet and the secondary antagonist in Rocky IV portrayed by the late Michael Pataki. In the film, he played Ivan Drago's patriotic manager, and believed Drago was undefeatable. He showed no remorse after Drago killed the American boxer Apollo Creed in an exhibition bout. A fight was scheduled for Drago on December 25, 1985 in Moscow against the reigning heavyweight champion, Rocky Balboa. On the day of the fight, Koloff was seated next to the Soviet dictator, Mikhail Gorbachev in the Soviet embassy's booth. In the twelfth round, he noticed most of the spectators were cheering for Rocky. Before the fifteenth round, Koloff was so infuriated, he went to Drago's corner and scolded him for not beating Rocky earlier in the fight, and allowing the spectators to cheer for him. This made Drago angry, and he grabbed him by the throat, saying:

"I fight to win. I fight for me. FOR ME!"

Rocky knocked Drago out towards the end of the fifteenth round, which infuriated Gorbachev. After Rocky's victory speech (which arguably ended the Cold War) he won the support of Koloff, Gorbachev, and all the spectators in the spectrum.

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