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Pauly's Robot
Paulie's Robot
Character information
Gender Male; later switched to Female
Main Attack None
Eye color Several different sensors
"I wanted a sports car, not no walking trash can!"

Paulie's Robot was a gift from Rocky Balboa to Paulie Pennino on his birthday in Rocky IV.


It was equipped with a human voice simulator, allowing it to talk with humans relatively easily. As Paulie had no friends other than Rocky and his immediate family, the family decided to give him the Robot to provide him with friendship. It could understand what it saw and also was able to understand other voices, such as Paulie's and Rocky's. Originally sporting a male voice, the the robot was reprogramed to have a female voice and give Paulie the closest thing he could have to a wife. It was of an unknown model and was given to Paulie by Rocky and his family.

Behind the scenes[]

The robot is named Sico. The robot was made by International Robotics Inc. in New York by CEO and creator Robert Doornick, who is also the voice. The robot was written into the film to help treat Stallone's son, Seargeoh, for autism.

The robot's scenes will be removed from the upcoming Director's Cut of Rocky IV.

Ivan Drago: Justice Enforcer[]

In the video game Fallout New Vegas, a robot named "FISTO" is a direct reference to Paulie's Robot.

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