Randy Tate (born 1950) is an American former professional boxer who competed during the 1970s until an unknown time. He competed in the Heavyweight Division and was nicknamed "Rapid Randy Tate". He is a playable character in Rocky: Legends and appeared in Rocky II

In 1976 (Rocky II), Randy Tate was a boxer fighting out of Mighty Mick's Gym. During this time, owner, Mickey Goldmill was training Heavyweight Boxer Rocky Balboa. Balboa was scheduled to challenge reigning Heavyweight Champion, Apollo Creed for the title. Tate helped train Balboa for the fight, by slapping Rocky's stomach while he was doing sit-ups.

Professional Career

Randy Tate (born 1950) was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He competed in the Heavyweight Division but was unable to capture the Heavyweight Championship during his career. Tate is well-known for helping train legendary Heavyweight Boxer Rocky Balboa for his championship fight against Heavyweight Champion, Apollo Creed in 1976. Balboa went on to defeat Creed for the title. 

During his prime, Tate was described as a good fighter and a swift mover in the ring. Tate's relatively small size enabled him to duck and dodge with ease. He was well-known for his fight tactic in which he would harass and frustrate his opponent. He liked to keeping moving, popping out jabs then shifting out of range.[1]


  • The actor that played Randy Tate in Rocky II was uncredited.