Rocky video game
Media Information
Launched: Xbox October 18, 2002
PlayStation 2
November 15, 2002
November 17, 2002
Game Boy Advance
November 17, 2002
ESRB Rating: Teen for violence (ESRB)
Discontinued: Xbox
November 17, 2002
PlayStation 2
November 18, 2002
November 22, 2002
Game Boy Advance
February 10, 2005
Creator/Developer information
Publisher(s): Rage Software, Ubisoft in USA.
Developed by: Rage Software / MGM Interactive
Steel Monkeys GameCube
Platforms: GameCube
PlayStation 2
Game Boy Advance
Connected media: first 5 Rocky films
in the film series

Rocky is a video game of the fighting game genre released in 2002 by Rage Software. The game is based on the Rocky movies.

In the game the player controls Rocky Balboa on his journey from a club fighter, facing opponents like Spider Rico, until his championship bout against Apollo Creed and beyond. The game sticks closely to to the movies with all characters being at least mentioned in the movies. In at least the PAL markets the PS2 and Xbox versions of the game were packaged alongside the original Rocky DVD release. Many cut scenes exist in which scenes from the movies are shown. A sequel was also made called Rocky: Legends.


The foreplay mirrors that of any other boxing game of its generation.

In Story Mode, the player takes control of Rocky Balboa fighting many opponents, either new or already existent within the film series. Regular boxing match rules apply to any fight: winning depends on how many punches the player has landed or if his/her opponent has been knocked down and not got up within a ten second time limit. The maximum amount of rounds in a match is fifteen, and a round may last for a maximum of 180 seconds. Story Mode also includes training minigames, where the player can increase Rocky's stats. Each individual minigame increases a specific stat:

  • Punching Mitts: Strength
  • Speed Bag: Speed
  • Skipping: Stamina
  • Sit ups: Determination
  • Heavy Bag: Movement

Besides Story Mode, other modes include Exhibition Match, Sparring, and Knockout Tournament.

Audio/video content used from the Rocky film series

The game's intro movie features film footage edited from the five movies showing the main boxers and ends with an advert for the Rocky DVD. The remaining five cutscenes feature CGI footage using the in-game character models and original film audio recreating segments from the films. The song "Gonna Fly Now" is the only one from the movie series featured in the game, the rest of the score being created in-house.

Game development

The game was developed for Xbox and PlayStation 2 at the Newcastle upon Tyne studio of Rage Software. A derivative GameCube conversion was developed by Steel Monkeys in Scotland, and a GameBoy Advance version with different gameplay by Virtucraft. It was published in Europe by Rage Softtware, and in the US by Ubisoft.


The game was met with positive to mixed reception. GameRankings gave it a score of 78.75% for the Xbox version, 76.61% for the PlayStation 2 version, 72.30% for the GameCube version, and 58.63% for the Game Boy Advance version. Metacritic gave the game a score of 74 out of 100 for all console versions except the Game Boy Advance version, which was given a score of 63 out of 100.

Due to positive critical reception and sales, after the closure of Rage Software the developers of the lead version formed Venom Games to create a sequel, Rocky Legends, this time published directly by UbiSoft.

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