Timeline of events in the Rocky series:

  • Mickey Goldmill dies;
  • Clubber Lang wins the world heavyweight title
  • 1982: Rocky Balboa regains the world heavyweight title;
  • Ricky Conlan is born
  • 1984: Danny Wheeler is born
  • 1985: Ivan Drago kills Apollo Creed; Rocky Balboa fights Ivan Drago
  • Union Cane wins the world heavyweight title
  • 1989: Tommy Gunn wins the world heavyweight title
  • 1990: Tommy Gunn loses a street fight against Rocky Balboa;
  • Viktor Drago is born
  • 1991: Tommy Gunn is stripped off his title
  • 2002: Adrian Balboa dies;
  • Rocky Balboa opens the restaurant Adrian's
  • 2004: Danny Wheeler's professional debut
  • 2006: Rocky Balboa returns to boxing and fights Mason Dixon
  • 2007: Ricky Conlan's professional debut
  • 2008: Adonis Johnson Creed's professional debut
  • 2012: Danny Wheeler wins the WBA, WBC, The Ring and Lineal world heavyweight titles;
  • Paulie Pennino dies
  • 2013: Ricky Conlan wins the WBA, WBC, The Ring and Lineal world light heavyweight titles
  • 2015: Adonis Johnson Creed fights Ricky Conlan;
  • Ricky Conlan retires
  • 2016: Adonis Creed moves up to heavyweight
  • 2018: Adonis Creed wins the WBC heavyweight title;
  • Adonis Creed defends his WBC heavyweight title against Viktor Drago twice
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