This Layout Guide is an official guide as to how an in-universe article should be structured. Feel free to discuss the Layout Guide on the talk page.

The following are aspects of a well-written article that should be present. The following tags mark how frequently something should be used.

  • Required-Should always be present in an article, down to the smallest of stubs.
  • Recommended-Should be present in good articles and featured articles, or candidates for such awards.
  • If applicable-Should be present if the article is detailed enough and the conditions for such a section are met.

Infobox (recommended)

  • A relevant infobox that gives statistics and known information in a comprehensible chart that gives basic background information on the subject.
  • Articles that only have an infobox are discouraged; more information in encyclopedic form should be provided.

Main article (required)

  • All in-universe text regarding characters, concepts, etc goes here.

Behind the scenes (notice the capitalization)(recommended)

  • Here, information on inspiration, origin, and reason of creation of the article is usually placed in bulleted form. It is a practice of some users to give author's credit in this header.

Appearances (if applicable)

  • The items on this list should be in bulleted form, in an in-universe chronology.
  • For a subject's first appearance in the saga (in order of publication, not in order of internal chronology), use {{1st}}
  • For short story series, make reference to the actual story, not the entire saga.
  • For generic comments, use {{C|Place Comment Here}}.

See also (recommended)

  • Links to related topics not already linked in article.
  • Usually links to Gallery or Family pages, that don't really belong in the main article

External links (if applicable)

  • It's called "External links" even if there is currently only one link.
  • Links to other sources or sites which the subject may be mentioned, covered in alternate detail, or discussed.


  • Every article should have at least one category. Categorizing articles by author doesn't count, but it is encouraged to add that as an additional category to your work.
  • Categories should be listed in alphabetical order.
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