We here at the Rocky Wiki like things to be set straight. So we have created a Manual of Style. In articles, they must have the following:



All articles, if they have any, must have quotes with sources. Using {{Quote|Hi.|Bob|The Adventures of Bob}}, it makes this:


All articles must have a source. If it doesn't, it will be listed under unsourced quotes.


All articles, if they have enough information, must have an infobox. See Category:Infobox templates to find the right one. You must enter all the fields necessary, and do not put unknown on every field, just leave it blank.


Do not go straight into a character's biography. First, tell a little about them, like this:

Bob, the former president of the Ham Sandwich Association, was very influential man of his era. He was one of the richest men in the world, gaining up to about $7,000,000,000 at his highest point. Bob was known to be very kind and sensitive, as he often visited the animal shelter and adopted puppies.

Being one of the richest men and the former president of the HSA, he was also the World Chess Champion, and beat several representatives of hundreds of countries around the globe. His most famous win was over Bill, a representative of Slobakinfigrieisia, where he checkmated the Slobakinfigrieisian in ten moves.

This is a good introduction. (Note:This is made up)

Main body

Make sure your article has a body; an article with just an introduction is not a good article (or one with just a body). The body should consist of very accurate and very comprehensive details of the person/boxing ring/whatever's life.


All articles must have appearances/sources, or both. Appearances are novels/games/comics, and Sources are reference books such as an encyclopedia or Rocky: The Ultimate Guide.

External Links

External Links are links outside Rocky Wiki and any other Wikia. They are for official Rocky sites, not fansites, and should be relevant to the topic, like this:

[ Wikipedia's article on Rocky Balboa]

Which will produce this:

Wikipedia's article on Rocky Balboa


Make sure you have links. To make a link, use [[Article name]] which will make Article name. (Redlinks are links to articles that haven't been created)

If you want to link to a page but have different text linking it, use [[Main Page|home page]]. That will make this: home page.


Make sure you add categories so your article is known and can be found from another article. To add a category, type this:

[[Category:Insert category name here]], which will put it under the Insert category name here category.

Now that you know what should be expected, good luck in writing some great articles!