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The Soviet Union's symbol, as on Ivan Drago's boxing glove.

The Soviet Union was the country from which Ivan Drago, a Soviet Army officer and boxer, hailed. The Soviet government decided to back Drago, an amateur boxing phenom with a staggering, powerful 2000 psi punch, in the area of professional boxing. Their capital was Moscow, where Rocky Balboa then defeated the former Soviet amateur boxing champion Drago in a heavily publicised exhibition fight after months of training in Siberia and soul-searching and mourning the loss of his friend Apollo Creed who tragically lost a similarly well-publicised exhibition bout with Drago in Las Vegas, where he also lost his life. Ivan's wife Ludmilla Drago and president Mikhail Gorbachev (who in the Rocky IV film is portrayed by actor and Gorbachev impersonator David Lloyd Austin) are both notable members of the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union eventually crumbled on Christmas Day in 1991.

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