Marie and son Steps in Rocky Balboa.jpg
Character information
Gender Male
Born: August 1, 1989(1989-08-01)
Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.

Job/Career Teenaged son of Marie who later becomes a cornerman for Rocky in his boxing comeback match against Mason Dixon
Related to Marie (mother)
Portrayed by: James Francis Kelly III

Steps is the son of Marie, now a down-on-her-luck divorcee who Rocky helps out by giving her a waitress job in his Italian restaurant in the Rocky Balboa film in 2006. He was portrayed by James Francis Kelly III.

About Steps

Steps is the product of an interracial marriage between mother Marie, who is portrayed in the 2006 Rocky Balboa film by Geraldine Hughes, and a Jamaican man, who left a recently unemployed Marie and him behind when Marie and Step's father divorced. In helping Marie by giving her a job in his Italian restaurant, Rocky also befriends Steps and also become a father figure to him, making him a cornerman in his boxing comeback match against challenger and current Heavyweight Champion Mason Dixon (Antonio Tarver).

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