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Hulk Hogan as "Thunderlips" in "Rocky III".
Character information
Gender Male
Born: November 12, 1957 (1957-11-12) (age 64)

Height 7 ft 0 in (2.13 m)
Weight 390 pounds (177 kg)

Portrayed by: Terry "Hulk Hogan" Bollea

Thunderlips, The Ultimate Male, or The Ultimate Object Of Desire was a wrestler that fought Rocky Balboa while raising money for charity. Thunderlips was played by professional wrestler/actor/reality show star and TV personality Hulk Hogan. In the Rocky III novelisation, Thunderlips previously wrestled under the name "Macho Mountain". He is accompanied by a trio of female models which he calls his "love slaves" (they are named Dora, Doreen and Daphne in the novelisation).

About "Thunderlips"

As possibly a public relations stunt, and much to the chagrin of Mickey, Rocky's business handlers had set up an exhibition match against the Seven-foot tall wrestler Thunderlips, who billed himself as "The Ultimate Male", and in doing so called Balboa "The Ultimate Meatball"!

At first, at the beginning of the match, it seemed as if Rocky was supremely overmatched against his much larger opponent, as Thunderlips was body-slamming and tossing Rocky around like a rag-doll, and then out of the ring. Even security guards were failing to keep order as Thunderlips repelled their attempts to get in the ring. But, as the match wore on, the momentum changed in the much smaller boxer's favour, as he was able to get Thunderlips in a headlock, and fire body blows which first angered, and bewildered, then began staggering, the brawny grappler, before even body slamming him onto the canvas!

At match's end, Thunderlips congratulates Rocky on "a good match", although it was possibly staged, as he, Rocky, Mickey and Adrian pose for a publicity photo.

Although this fight marked part of the high point of Rocky's career, there were some subtle signs of trouble ahead. Clubber Lang, who had attended Rocky's earlier title defences, also was in the audience of this fight in order to study his desired opponent as best possible, and left with a disgusted appearance as the audience poured out. Although Lang's mannerisms lacked confidence in an anticipated victory, this was still a sign of a future challenge. Also, during the fight, Mickey momentarily suffered heart pains and clutched his chest, his body warning him of the consequences of not seeking medical attention for his cardiovascular issues, which were exacerbated by the fear and excitement of this fight.