Yuri Denisov (born 1961) was a Russian amateur boxer who competed during the 1980s until an unknown time. He competed in the Heavyweight Division and was considered to be the best boxer in the USSR Red Navy. He is a playable character in Rocky Legends.

In 1985, Yuri Denisov was making an impact in the Russian amateur boxing scene. He was dominating every boxer that he encountered and was considered the number one boxer in the USSR Red Navy. At the time, the USSR was searching for a boxer that could travel to America and challenge their Heavyweight Champion, Rocky Balboa. The USSR wanted to prove that their athletes were superior to the American's. Denisov wasn't the only athlete being scouted by the USSR, Ivan Drago was another soldier that the USSR was pleased with. Denisov and Drago fought, with the outcome deciding who of the two would travel to America. Drago defeated Denisov, handing him his first loss.

Amateur Career

Yuri Denisov (born 1961) was born and raised in Russia. He was a sailor for the USSR Red Navy. Denisov was selected by the USSR as a boxing prospect that could be trained and eventually sent to America, in order to challenge their Heavyweight Champion, Rocky Balboa. Denisov thrived as a boxer and dominated the competition on the amateur circuit. He earned the title of being the "best boxer in the Red Navy" Eventually, Denisov came up against another soldier that was selected by the USSR, Ivan Drago. Drago had also dominated all the competition on the amateur circuit and was undefeated. Denisov and Drago fought on the Red Navy warship with Drago defeating Denisov, handing him his first loss. The victory prompted the USSR to choose Drago, sending him to American in order to face the Heavyweight Champion. It is unknown what Denisov's amateur record was or if he ever turned pro.

During his prime, Denisov was described as a powerful young boxer, with a fearsome left hook and great technical skill. He was considered to always be extremely fit and well motivated. He was a scary fighter to come up against.[1]